Definitely Autumn

Monday, Monday… Another week starts with beautiful autumn weather. Yep, definitely autumn now and the oppressive, heavy and humid heat of only a couple of weeks ago is all but a memory. There is a distinct chill in the air. As a lover of autumn, I’m happy – welcome, darker season. Candle light, big scarves and cinnamon – I’m ready for you. I think I really showed my age the other day by getting all excited about crawling into bed after we changed over to our winter duvet. I mean, honestly. So sue me! These things do make me happy.

We’re on to week four of the counselling course and it struck me how it’s already happening quite fast. At first glance it seemed like such a long journey ahead, but considering the course spans a total of 70 weeks we’re over 5% of the way in by the end of this week. In just over three weeks’ time, we’ll be a tenth of the way there. It’ll swish past before we know it.

My Monday has started out the way all my Mondays seem to: a run in the park, then a late breakfast and now doing a bit of studying. We also have a mini-presentation next week so I’m going to throw together a few slides for that too. Nope, not freaked out. This one’s TINY. 15 minutes and four of us so we’ll each talk for less than four minutes. In June next year, we have the bigger presentations and I’m paired up with a lady I already knew from Level 2 who I really like and here are the words I never thought I’d ever say, much less mean but I do: I’m looking forward to it. I think it probably helps it’s with.. hm… going to call her Pocahontas because she has magical fairytale hair. Pocahontas is also morphing into a really good friend and beyond this she’s super smart, insightful and focused and therefore, fairytale hair or otherwise, a solidly great partner for this. Maybe it was meant to be that way. I think I’d be a lot more rumbled by it if I were paired up with someone I don’t “get” (or worse – don’t like!) or someone who I might not trust to carry their weight. As for now, I feel confident we’ll end up with something we will both put a lot into and contribute to. All good.

There really isn’t much to report from Planet Anna lately. Things are ticking along nicely. I have two clients and each week is a victory, I really am learning so much – it’s all coming together now. I did wonder when it’d all begin to make sense, and here it is: in the therapy room. My personal therapist is great too and I am really looking forward to it all.

My boys are all doing good too. Hubby’s busy with work, Bambino is on an up-swing at school and in general (and he is so goddamn TALL!! I can’t get over it), and my bonus sons are happy and thriving as well. Saw the younger at the weekend and going to see the older this coming Saturday. Can’t ask for more. Thank you, Universe, for sending these four into my life.

No dramas. Just in the midst of a gentle roller. Just right. I like it.

Today I’m not going to drink.


4 thoughts on “Definitely Autumn

  1. God how I love life with no dramas. Sounds like things are just right for you right now. I’m so pleased the course is going well and look at you taking presentations in your stride. I love Autumn too. Xxx

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    1. I’m proud of you too – can you believe we are almost three years down the line?? You are so special to me. We had tickets booked for NZ this Christmas but it won’t happen now for a while, but eventually we’ll get together in real life, my sober sister! ❤️😘


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