A Little Odd

Level 3 of my counselling studies, here I come! First day today of the next stage and I had a better sleep than I expected – something has shifted and the nerves and fear I’ve been so used to in the past have gone AWOL. This happens more and more and it catches me off guard a little. The last time was a work dinner with Hubby’s colleagues when I only realised afterwards that something was a little odd. The odd thing was that I had been so relaxed. A little victory I guess.

So. The next stage, a new tutor and a new group of people. Sure, I’m a little jittery but not in an oh-my-God-I’m-dreading-this kind of way. Sort of positive, really, and mostly looking forward to it. Once again I’m in a situation where I expected to feel like I always used to but instead feel overwhelmingly… …normal.

This seems more and more like a needless statement because it couldn’t be further from my mind, but it still makes me so happy:

Today I’m not going to drink.

13 thoughts on “A Little Odd

    1. That’s tough. It’s clearly a challenge even without commitments and health challenges, and I’m under no illusion that it’ll really require a lot of me. I’m sorry you got held up – is it something you feel you want to go back to/can complete still at some point? xx


      1. I’ve decided not too. They want me to redo level 4 which is significant cost. Also I’ve cashed on all my pensions and now realistically I’d only work as a volunteer for Mind so financially that makes no sense. Secondly I wouldn’t be motivated to study again

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      2. Ah. I thought there was a bit of leeway to get the placement hours? Sounds very harsh to lose the fact you passed the level and having to redo it if you just had the placement hours to complete. Would you have wanted to get it done health allowing and not having to sit through the studies again?


      3. Nope. I’d kept up personal therapy and supervision when I could but I was essentially on a sick note from the doctor throughout. I thought it more in keeping with the ethical framework to not see clients when I might suddenly drop them again through illness but apparently they felt I should have seen clients against medical advice 🤷‍♂️

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      4. I just found it very strange given bacp ethical framework. But I’ve been forced into early retirement. When I tracked all my pensions down I actually, given the £5000plus commuting costs to London, better off than my last 65%fte position.


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