Humming Along to Rod Stewart

One year and 11 months today and unlike my last super grumpy blog post, here’s what my day looked like at 699 days sober:

Met up with a friend from the counselling course, who from here on out will be known as Wifey mainly because she’s fucking glorious. Then on to the pub where both our husbands joined us. It’s fucking amazing how I can enjoy that sort of set up just as much – correction: MORE – without drinking myself. Not even tempted.

Then I drove home and we got some food shopping done. An evening after having spent a couple of hours in a pub, I went for a run. I’ve had the loveliest day and now relaxing with my beautiful Hubby, who’s at the opposite end of the sofa and humming along to Rod Stewart playing on the loudspeaker as I’m tapping away on my phone writing this little blog post.

Life is fucking awesome. Please God, help me remain this way and never let me lose sight of all these wonderful things I get to have and do now that I’m sober. Please help me always keep sight of where I once was and where I would have ended up. Please God, always help me stay this way and feel this immense gratitude I’m so overwhelmed with right now.

Today I’m not going to drink.


17 thoughts on “Humming Along to Rod Stewart

  1. “who from here on out will be known as Wifey mainly because she’s fucking glorious” lol I love that line. 👌🙌 Rod Stewart OMG!! 😂🎶Happy holidays Anna. Sounds like it’s going beautifully. 🎉

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