One Year Sober

Ever since this day was starting to finally come into view, I’ve been looking forward to it so much because I couldn’t wait to get here. Yesterday – the last day of my first sober year – a million thoughts were going through my mind. Every so often amongst all the blogs I read, someone might write a post about a milestone and the insights and discoveries they’ve made along the way. Honestly, even MONTHS back I’d often think about what I might have to say myself, also wanting to have something really awesome to share that might help someone else in turn in the same way as it’s helped me so much to hear other people’s stories and thoughts.

Nope, this isn’t that sort of post. Sorry!

Yes, today is a hugely important day to me. It marks the anniversary of the most important decision I’ve ever made in my whole life. Without this decision, there wouldn’t BE a life. Now there is. And I am happy. Happier than I have ever been. No joke. And I wouldn’t have a drink if you paid me. Possibly only if it was to quite literally save someone from dying, but then it’d have to be someone I’d be willing to die for because drinking would kill me – that’s where drinking would lead. You get where I’m going with this though. I’m happy and sober is a fucking awesome place to be – there’s cake here! And a unicorn bag containing a card and presents from my Hubby aka the man with the perfect bottom (fiiiiiine, he’s witty and smart too).

Hubby is away with work and had recorded a little video greeting that I discovered waiting for me on WhatsApp this morning. Too cute. He’d got me a tank top that has “Sober AF” printed on it. ‘AF’ stands for Alcohol Free but I like to think of it as “Sober As Fuck” because I’m a bit immature.

Today is hugely important, but apart from cake for breakfast it was a day here and now in my life. And what dawned on me just a while ago when I was out for a run was that the HERE AND NOW is exactly where I want to be. Why? Because I found my stupid little brain thinking “oh, wouldn’t it be great if today’s run on this important day was super fast and super easy and super perfect“! My life and my attitude was always about all the things I will do if/when/if only/after/when I have/later and so on. Just like this anniversary, my sights were always on what might be just beyond the horizon. And that’s bullshit, actually. All I have is this moment, right here right now. And I love it here. I didn’t do lots today, in fact I did a bit less than I should have. I didn’t fly around the 6k loop like Mo Farah and my pace per kilometre was a bit crappier than my last run. And that’s what dawned on me: so fucking what. It’s here and it’s now and I feel fucking GREAT.

Oh, and I look a bit pretty because I went to the hairdressers so it’s one of those rare moments when my hair is all styled and bouncy into Hollywood-esque locks. Half the time I don’t even bother brushing it, so let’s enjoy that win for a moment as tomorrow it’s back to looking like the Lion King:


Perhaps that’s the lesson I did learn in this first year of being sober? To be happy and content right here right now. Do you know what? I’ll take it. It seems like the greatest jackpot in the world to me.

Today I’m not going to drink.


32 thoughts on “One Year Sober

  1. What a magnificent day for you! And yes, you are model-pretty! I bow to your huuuuuuge achievement. I so envy your utter disdain for a drink. I still rather miss it, alas. Working on that. But, not succumbing to the nostalgia, and playing with the idea that I might just have to live always with the “gee, wish I could…” tiny splinter in my heart. But this is your day. Rejoice!

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  2. Hahaha my first thought on your awesome top was “As Fuck” it just has more impact. I am so fucken proud of you!!! If we were out I would wear a printed singlet that said “I’m with her and she’s Sober As Fuck and I’m Proud As Fuck” you get the idea ah, that is how proud I am of you. Thank you so much for letting me ride with you for this past year and watch your journey which you have shared with so much honesty, hilarity and some times tears. You my beautiful Soul Sister are a freakin Rock Star and I love you ❤

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  3. Happy Happy 1 year anniversary!!! You absolutely deserve all the very best today and all the days to come!! I am so happy for you and it’s so nice to finally “meet” you, you look FANTASTICALLY beautiful by the way! Today is 8 weeks sober for me and I am feeling more and more alive most days. Sometimes I’m just pooped out or sore from an intense workout, LOL! Any which way enough about me and again CONGRATS and enjoy your cake!!

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  4. So who told you the AF actually means ‘alcohol free’? I know hundreds of folks who would differ with you on that. But hey! We’re Americans! We usually don’t have a freaking clue what the hell is going on anyway. Ah, never mind.

    You’re so awesome. For a newbie. I love reading of your wonderfully honest journey you spew out on a regular basis. When I quit drinking, I just wanted everyone to leave me the hell alone and I pretty much withdrew into my shell. Here I am nearly 9 years later and you have a profound influence on me in the short time I’ve hanging around.

    I hope you ‘enjoy’ this second year as much as you did the first. You’re in my prayers every day, kiddo. Keep fighting the good fight.

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    1. In a group I’m part of people use AF as alcohol free (“I’ve been AF since…”) but I guess it differs!

      You’re awesomer! I’d be a little (or a lot!) lost if I didn’t have all you “longtimers” to look to. So thank you. 🙏


  5. I’m so happy for you. This blog was awesome AF and I laughed a good few times, especially at that bit, because I’m immature too. Thank you for making me smile. Also – How gorgeous are you?! (that’s rhetorical, cos you are). I’m not sure that I’ve seen your pic before. Love everything about this. ❤

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