Preparing My Sails

Perhaps I should see if I can successfully sail past that 11-month buoy before I start preparing my sails for rounding the one year marker, but I’m nothing if not impatient. Besides, flight tickets to the city of angels isn’t something you just go and buy the week before. Fuck it – it’s clear in my mind: magical and romantic evenings enjoying the sunset in Huntington Beach with hubby, and when he has to work me and Willow in an open top muscle car of some description and the wind in our hair as we’re cruising around Hollywood Hills. If she picks me up in a silly little Peugeot I’ll be seriously unimpressed – I have her pegged in a Mustang or something that’d roar in a similar manner. I’m going to make hubby take me to dinner at Sur (Lisa Vanderpump, people – what more reason could I possibly need?) or Villa Blanca and I hope he’ll also drag me along for long hikes. I need to see that view! I suppose he’ll have to show up for some of the meetings he’s actually going there for in the first place, but this is where Willow comes in. And what better way to celebrate my one-year milestone than with my hubby and best friend as well as with Willow, who I got to know via AA before she deserted London to head back to Los Angeles. Now THAT would be pretty fabulous.

I think it fits and partly so because it also really highlights how much more fun life is without alcohol! I mean, rewind a year or more and I would have had trouble imagining going to LA sober. Well, I had trouble imagining going ANYWHERE and doing ANYTHING sober, but trips like that would always have appeared in the sentences that went something like “I’ll quit drinking after the LA trip“. Just like I initially felt OH FUCK as we already had a weekend in Paris and a trip to Gothenburg planned when I stopped drinking – those were what I immediately hesitated over. How can you possibly go to Paris and NOT drink wine? Turns out you not only can but it’s freaking glorious too, and I have to say I’m really happy that LA hasn’t come up until now that I’m sober – imagine wasting a week there by drinking. Oooohhhhh! I’m really excited but will have to calm down as it might not be possible for me to go. Bosses will have to agree the time off and Bonus #1 would have to agree to spending a week with his teenage stepbrother Bambino. Not at all certain and then of course there’s a cost too and unfortunately we’re not made of money. We shall see.

Do you have a way of commemorating your milestones? I was toying with the idea of a gold ring – but again, not being a rich is a bit of an obstacle – and adding a tiny little diamond for each year. I was also thinking about a tattoo but don’t really want the AA sobriety symbol and haven’t seen an alternative I like. I would have gone with the date – 23 January 2018 – but already have Bambino’s birth date and our wedding day along my back so might end up like a fucking calendar.

Then again, forget trips, trinkets and tattoos – I already gave myself and those who love and care about me the greatest gift of all.

Los Angeles would be so cool though… Oohhh I hope it can work!

Today I’m not going to drink.

8 thoughts on “Preparing My Sails

  1. Simply cool. Way freaking cool. Graduated from high school in the L.A. area, but more importantly — and this is indeed important — I learned to drive in L.A.
    You will love H.B. A lifetime ago, I used to play a fantastic club there called The Bear, which was eliminated to make room for the alleged urban renewal the city now prides itself on. Surfed in the daytime, played the bars at night.
    So glad to see you’re doing this a day at a time. Me as well, Anna, and I really wouldn’t go back to those days for anything. Clean and sober really changes the equation. It’s fun to talk about the good times… the ones I remember.
    Blessings to you, kiddo. 😎

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  2. No tattoos, no diamond rings (though I do have the circle and triangle on my left shoulder – my design… oh, and I have a badass tribal that stretches from shoulder to shoulder across my back that has recovery significance, but you’d never get that unless I told you)… anyway, get a one year coin on your anniversary. Pass it around the group and have everyone give it a good luck rub. Go out to dinner with some of the group afterwards. And give an open talk.

    That’ll be good enough for year one. Save the tattoos for five or ten years.

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  3. I think a tattoo is a good idea. Once it’s in ink, it’s not like you can go change your mind and start drinking again. A marathoning friend has a cool tattoo for his boston marathon finishes. He has a logo (not sure of what, with tally marks underneath for each year. Just think how awesome your tattoo would look after 25 years of sobriety.

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