267 Days

That one year soberversary is actually slowly coming into view now. It’s amazing how something that I once thought would be impossible is now within reach and these three months ahead before I get to it don’t scare me in the slightest. That’s something I wish Drunk Me would have known, because I think Drunk Me would have immediately started to stress out over having to have a sober Christmas. And here I am, feeling excited because I won’t have to get drunk this year and looking forward to the festive season even more than I usually do for that reason alone. Who would have thought? Who the fuck would have thought? If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is.

Yes, it’s another one of those boring, nothing-to-report, I’m-pretty-happy kind of posts.

I’ve eyed up a little beauty I might treat myself to when I get to 23rd of January, it’s made of rose gold and glittering little diamonds. No, no, no – not a huge sparkler, I think the rose gold is just vermeil on silver and the stones are all tiny little ones but that’s not the point. What it is or what it costs is actually irrelevant. The point for me is that it’s something to mark the occasion and something I will love and keep, and it would appear that I’m shallow enough to appreciate a piece of jewellery despite never having been particularly girly or glittery in that sense.

I’m still considering a tattoo and have done a bit of Googling to find sobriety symbols but nothing so far. Hubby and I both got our first tattoos a year ago. Mine is a crown and then a string of numbers (Bambino’s birth date and our wedding date) and the Maori word for love that run down my spine and end with an eternity heart symbol. Hubby’s is the same heart symbol with my name and our wedding date incorporated and it’s on his hip and really suits him, it’s sexy as hell and I do enjoy that he’s been branded MINE! Like cattle, almost. [Insert Dr Evil laughter here].

Oh, I’m just waffling now. I’m going to head over to Google now and search for tattoo ideas. Do let me know if you happen to be a shit hot designer and able to draw up something based on sobriety or what have you. I like the idea of a symbol, but I suppose it could also be a string of text. I did toy with the idea of ’23 January 2018′ but it just doesn’t feel right. Plus I already have a couple of dates on my back and worried I’ll end up looking like a fucking calendar.


Today I’m not going to drink.

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