Cool Mama?

Oh, just a little side note as it actually turned into a lovely moment. Last night when Bambino and I were just chilling out after dinner I suggested we do something together on Saturday just he and I. He gave me an amused look.

OK, like what?” he asked, “give me a proposition then.

How about we head to Thorpe Park?” I offered all hopeful that he and I could have a real ball of a time at this amusement park, knowing I can get on the scariest rides now that I’m not battling hangovers.

Bambino’s face went blank for a second and he stared at me, brow furrowed, then a little smile pulled at the corners of his mouth and his eyes glittered. And then he dissolved in fits of laughter.

That’s literally the worst idea ever!” he gasped between uncontrollable giggles, “imagine if I bumped into friends, oh I’m here with MUMMY!

He fell to his side on the sofa and clutched his middle, howling with laughter. And I realised how ridiculous it was and nearly snorted some coffee out through my nose during a badly timed sip. Found myself throwing my head back and laughing out loud too and there we are, both with our eyes tearing from all the giggling. I want to believe we actually bonded a little but perhaps I just really confirmed to him how desperately uncool I am.

Yes, I suggested a day at Thorpe Park “with MUMMY” for my teenager. It would seem I’ve turned into precisely the sort of out-of-touch parent I used to think my own parents were when I myself was Bambino’s age, and it was even funnier when I put myself in my old teenage Doc Martens and imagined how I would have felt about a day at the fair with my mum. I’m laughing now just typing it. Fuckinell, it’s comedy gold!

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