Sunshine Sunday

143 days. Here’s a hint – if I start a blog post with the number of days I’ve been sober, it means I am on here wanting to write but not having all that much to say. It’s Friday, weather’s good, I’m sober and I’ve been busy making little silver boobies. My son and hubby are both good, one has a stinking attitude and the other does not, but together they form the sun around which I revolve. The older boys, who are also part of that sun at the centre of my universe, are coming over on Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day. Life is good. I honestly have nothing else to add today but I’m going to take that as a win – sobriety has become my new normal.

Today I’m not going to drink.

silver bs




2 thoughts on “Sunshine Sunday

  1. 143

    4= Love
    3= you

    I don’t if you ever heard of Mr. Rogers? We grew up watching him as kids. Google him, he’s the best. Anyways…. he always said 143 stood for I love you. ❤️❤️

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