A Light Drizzle

Such a perfect day, drink sangria in the park…..

I’m sure Lou Reed doesn’t mind if I don’t and go with coffee instead. I would have said some sort of iced fruit smoothie but it’s raining and not very warm so more of a hot drink kind of day.  And it’s not a particularly perfect one. Bambino has something called a “school to school referral”. This is not a scholarship for outstanding academic progress. Nor is it a program for schools to send their brightest, best behaved and highest achieving pupils to other schools as an example of excellence. The goddamn little apple of my eye can’t make his peace with the fact that school is for learning and instead treats it as a social club as well as some sort of test environment for various pranks. Some of his pranks are both clever and hilarious and I have had to stifle giggles in many a meeting with headteachers, but obviously he can’t know that – instead I am Angry Mama and doing my best to remove privileges and have long talks with the little criminal so that he might eventually understand that he needs to clean up his act. So frustrating! He’s such a smart and charming kid and when we talk he really gets it, yet he does a 180 the moment he saunters through the school gates and morphs into a freaking gangster.

And it’s raining. But that’s OK, means the park won’t be quite so dry and as long as it’s not heaving down later it’s usually quite nice to walk or run in a light drizzle.

But apart from my wayward son giving me the occasional headache, life’s pretty good. A delivery parcel full of more silver and some tools I needed is waiting for me to collect tomorrow and the glass beads a friend sent me arrived – I have no idea if it’ll work trying to bezel set glass beads but think it might look amazing. Or, there’s a reason why I’ve only ever seen glass beads wrapped in silver wire or with drilled holes threaded on to a string or some kind. Maybe it won’t work at all but I’m going to give it a try. My friend went to a course where they create patterns in glass that you melt in some sort of kiln and these little blobs are the spillage apparently. Well. Some are very small and possibly quite fiddly to bezel set given I don’t use ready made cups but instead create everything from scratch, but I’m going to give it a good shot.


It’s really just a fairly ordinary Thursday, except that ordinarily my naughty child would be going to his school and not some place else as a sanction for bad behaviour. Still, perhaps it’s a case of boys will be boys and testing boundaries. Kid’s got a good heart and I’m pretty sure he’ll turn out just fine. He has always been exuberant and his joyfulness and energy just sometimes bubble over. It’s actually one of the most beautiful things about him, his joie de vivre and glint in his eye. He just needs to learn to shut the fuck up in lessons and stealing a remote for the teacher’s powerpoint presentation and shuffling back and forth and ruining the whole lesson probably wasn’t the best idea either. Ah well, he’ll come right eventually, the rat bag.

In just over a week’s time it’s our first wedding anniversary and we’re heading off for a few days – I can’t wait. This summer I’ve so been looking forward to is really happening now! Then it’s the Foo Fighters concert. Then Ascot, which I’m sure will be as much fun sober. Probably a lot more fun actually, given I won’t have to stress about where my next glass of wine is coming from – life tends to be like that now, I get to be fully present and soak it all up. It’s cool. Then in July we are off to Lipari and I’m so excited about that I might pee myself! It will be fucking glorious to be present for THAT one, folks! Wake up and take in sights, sounds, smells… See and enjoy being there, enjoy good food – come on, you can’t go wrong in Italy! Actually, I said that about France, that you couldn’t possibly go wrong, yet I had the worst steak tartar in the history of mankind at a bistro in Montmartre. I am SO looking forward to Italy though and especially eating lots of Italian food!!! Construct a mini conveyor belt to my mouth and just ensure the pasta is coming without interruption for the duration of our stay. AND THANK GOD I DON’T HAVE TO DRINK WHEN WE GET THERE – that’s the best thing of all. After Lipari, a short side step home to London only to re-pack our bags and join Bambino in Sweden where he will head off to without us the day after school breaks up for the summer holidays. He had the choice to come with us to Lipari but apparently he can’t think of anything worse than having to spend ten days with us, so he is off to grandparents, uncles, his auntie and gang of cousins instead.

Fuck me, I just realised there’s so much to be happy about!! Perhaps it is a perfect day after all. Just I’m not going to drink sangria in the park later, just walk.

Today I’m not going to drink.

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