Seven Things

One Lovely Blog Award

What a lovely little surprise to discover when I logged on this morning! The wonderful wonderme12 nominated me so I will of course oblige and jump right in.


  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Seven things about me:

  1. My name isn’t Sophie. This is a little ridiculous as I’ve been very open with both friends and family – even my employers – when it comes to having quit drinking and the reasons why. OK, so I haven’t said the A-word to my bosses or to my very conservative father, but I’ve been pretty straight up about quitting due to an unfortunate inability to stop drinking when I start. With or without the A-word that is the crux of it. Still, alcoholic is a label that sticks and whilst I wear it with pride, I am protecting my loved ones who may want to choose for themselves if they want to declare that their daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend etc is a roaring drunk.
  2. I was born on Friday 13th. It was a leap year and my mother worried I’d be born on the 29th of February. According to statistics it is more likely to go over your due date with your firstborn, but I arrived three weeks early on a day some consider unlucky. Well, I’ve always been impatient. Still, I was a sturdy little unit even back then, clocking in at an impressive 9lbs despite my early arrival and had a thick mahican of black hair. In Scandie folklore there are stories of how the trolls would steal your baby and replace it with one of their own. To this day, Mum calls me her troll baby and although my hair soon turned blond like the rest of the family the first photos do quite literally look like there is no way that baby could possibly belong to my delicate, blond mother with her ivory skin as she awkwardly held me. I looked like a cross between a sumo wrestler and a cherokee with my rolls of fat, black hair and red skin.
  3. I have always preferred solitude, much happier on my own than in groups or part of social situations – no idea why and it’s nothing to do with being shy or anything, it’s just how I’m wired I guess. What turned out to be the great big love of my life then came along and turned my world upside down. I stressed a bit over sharing my life with anyone apart from my son and didn’t much like the idea of always sharing a bed – fucking hell, always having someone THERE – yet now I can’t even sleep without that stupid Kiwi’s long arms and legs all tangled up with mine. Weirdly, I don’t even want to throttle him when he keeps talking when I’m reading my book. Must be love, eh!
  4. Back to my mother…. She has always been super girly and did her best to transform her troll baby to something resembling cute. She kept buying dolls but I just didn’t understand what to do with them and much preferred to run around in the woods or play with all the boys (nothing ever changed there, then). Mum insisted on putting curls in my hair and putting me in dresses, then went and embroidered a sun and flowers on my cool dungarees and totally ruined my street cred. When we played cowboys and indians the boys made me be an indian as I was the only one with long hair. In protest I hid behind the kitchen doors and cut it off using a pair of nail scissors. Mum cried when she took her miniature Sid Vicious to the hairdressers but I was adamant that no boy was EVER going to tell me I couldn’t carry a gun.
  5. It went on from there. When friends liked New Kids on the Block and other chart pop, I listened to Twisted Sister and wanted a snake for a pet. My dream man was Gene Simmons. I feel really sorry for my mother when I think back on all this – if only I could have allowed her to put ONE little pink bow on me. Just the one. I’m going to call her and tell her I love her right this minute.
  6. I saw Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in real life yesterday! We were at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey for ANZAC day (hubby is from New Zealand) and I was a little star struck, which I didn’t expect as I normally don’t give a shit about stuff like that but it was pretty cool. I’ve seen the Queen from a distance at Royal Ascot and also the King and Queen of Sweden at a concert at Dalhalla. And I accidentally bumped into what turned out to be Michael Hutchence on Kings Road in the summer of 1995, mumbled ‘sorry’ and it was only when my friend frantically pulled at my arm and tried to keep her voice down trying to whisper to me who it was that I realised so I only really saw the back of him but apparently it was him. I touched Michael Hutchence’s arm! Or it was just a random hippie – I do remember half long wavy hair and that the dude wore something that looked like pyjama bottoms. Actually, I don’t have any celebrity stories that are half interesting..
  7. I’m an alcoholic. This isn’t news if you’ve been in on this blog before but I think it should be one of my seven things. I have been sober three months and three days! It’s mostly been fairly plain sailing but I think that’s because I quit drinking when I really felt done with it as opposed to being forced to stop somehow. Who knows. Anyway, so yes, I’m a drunky drunk-drunk. I used to drink and now I don’t. That’s it, really. I don’t like what it does to me and a dream I had in the last week or so just about summed it up. I do get those once in a while, dreams where I’m drinking and in them it’s always a case of it starting when I’ve already had some so I can’t do anything about it – in the dream I’m already drinking and this means I can’t stop. It really illustrates my powerlessness. Remember this, bitch? Oh yeah, half way through a glass of wine and you will soon guzzle your way to blackout and it’s too late to do anything about it because you’re already on your way. I take those dreams, as shitty as they are, to be reminders in case I ever forget how much I really don’t want to drink again. Yay sobriety!

So, that was that. Left for me to do then is nominate seven other blogs, so here are seven writers who inspire me and whose blogs I regularly read:

How I Killed Betty

Sober Momma

Ultraviolet Sobriety


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Leaving AA, Staying Sober

Time to get on with the day now – it’s hubby’s birthday tomorrow and I’m whisking him away for the weekend. Cannot WAIT! It’ll be so much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

Today is too awesome to ruin by drinking so I won’t!

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